Me at Stonehenge. Finally I could tick them off my bucket list. Lucky girl!

I so wished to walk closer, but unfortunately the stone circle is roped off. This is about the closest you get. 

The mandatory stroll in St Albans Cathedral. Here you can spend hours admiring all the incredible artwork.  –  This cottage though. Can it get more classic?

These halloumi sticks at Bill's. Food porn 2.0!  –  Another must that doesn't need any further explanation. 
This time at The Wellington. Yum!

London, baby!  –  ... where I ran between all these designer consignment shops. A medal to bf who coped and carried on. Sadly no scoop this time. 

London Eye. The height is beyond belief. Such a cool and indescribable feeling though. 
Go, go, go if you get the change! 

All these amazing window displays... Here's Louis Vuitton's at Harrods. –  Vintage gems in Portobello.

More candy coloured houses, please!

Strolled through the green tunnel in Princess Diana's Memorial Garden.

Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park further away. 

Guy Fawkes Night in Verulamium Park, St Albans. The party continued at Ye Olde Fighting Cocks. –  The Vintage Emporium in St Albans. This treasure trove is a must visit if you love rare vintage pieces. I got lost for hours...

Last night we went to Côte where I had the most lovely seabass.  –  Bye for this time! 

Better late than ever, right? Here's a few pics from our two weeks in England back in October/November(!). Everyone says it always rainy, but we were so lucky with only one or two days of that. I bring the sunshine where I go, la la la... Enjoy! xx

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