Monday Mood

Embrion by Edyta Lesniak.

That was a while ago. Life happened (mostly work though), but on the other hand my inspiration hasn't been on top either. I question the things I do and the way I do it. I wouldn't say that I feel insecure. Rather lost and ambivalent. It's sad and annoying. Some days this is all I want to do - be creative and express myself and the next day I just laugh at it thinking it's all silly meaningless nonsense. 

Do you feel me in this or am I about to lose it completely?

Van Ravenstein

If your looking for the new high-end fashion, this is the right destination for you. Here you'll find the latest it-pieces, mainly from Dutch and Belgian designers such as Dries van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester and Veronique Leroy, mixed with international labels like J.W Anderson, Junya Watanabe and the currently hyped Vetements

Going on a Saturday? Don't miss to check out their OUTLET in the basement, open every Saturday between 10:30 and 17:30. Here you can pick up some real designer bargains! 

Sadly I wasn't there for a Saturday, but though it was closed the super friendly woman let me down there anyway. Always remember to be polite and have a warm smile. That will take you far in life. x 

Keizersgracht 359, 1016 EJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 639 00 67

The Organic Multi Balm

One of the most panicking things I know is the feeling of sand paper dry hands. You know, when you touch something (fabric in specific) and it stucks a little due to all cracks. Huh! Only thinking of it makes me shiver...

Thankfully this mainly happens during winter when the air is all cold and dry. One of those days, when my hands were at their worst, I came across this white tube of wonder. At this point nothing could make it more bad anyway so I decided to let go of my suspicion for someone being such assertive, stating to be the one and only, and squeezed some onto my poor pale hands.

From that moment we were unseparable and though spring is in the air I haven't the slightest thought of replacing this superhero with any substitute at all.

So, let's just say that good confidence can give you great results sometimes. And by all means moreover – taking a closer look shows that this multitasker (bye to everything from insect bites, red baby bottoms and chapped lips as well!) is organic and all natural, award-winning and not tested on animals. It just can't get any better than this.

Get this goody HERE!

Sunday Mood

'Drape' by Eva Stenram.

And so another week has come to an end. Some of you might find this last day of the week genious, but to me it's the one day I dislike the most. The sad, but honest fact that I'm a person who sees the glass as half empty rather than half full might play a part in this minor mindset I unwantedly possess. For most of us it's a free day, still weekend and a day when it's even religiously legal to rest. I try, but continue to fail.

To me it's this insidious feeling of agony...

– for the things I didn't accomplish and for what will come, but mostly for the powerlessness to prevent time from slipping through our fingers, day by day, like tiny grains of hot silky sand.

Do you ever feel this or did you finish your glass without any reflections at all?

The Classic

Forgot to show you these FILIPPA K booties that I bought a few months ago. Sadly my shoe maker (who always used to fix slippery safe soles on my heels) has closed down so due to the simple reason of my own safety I haven't been able to wear these stunners just yet. Outfit coming up now when the snow is finally gone from the streets. Waaaay too long since last time!

¡Vamos A La Playa!

Neon Umbrellas by Gray Malin.

GLOBETROTTERS, listen up! 

I need your advice. Where to go for Christmas and New Years? My nephew will only be a year by then so we don't want to go too far. Still we want summer temperature and to stay in a private house or flat near the beach. First we looked at Gran Canaria, but it seems a bit hard to find a nice accommodation to a reasonable price so now I'm about to check Lanzarote instead. Puh! It really takes a lot of time planning a trip for 7 people... 

Where have you been? What is your experiences and recommendations? 

Or maybe YOU (or someone you know) rent out a place?
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