Strokes of

When looking at Celine's Spring/Summer campaign I can't help but thinking of my wonderful grandma and an old vintage blouse she used to wear. Already at that young age I remember myself adoring its colors and oddness. This blouse was the perfect reflection of her personality; eccentric, and theatrical. You couldn't miss that this lady loved to dress up. Chic hats, pleated skirts and always matching scarves in all colors of the rainbow. And not to mention her jewelry, hidden in a white neat drawer in her bedroom… (My idea of Pandora's box, if you would have asked me, that little girl, back then). I still remember how I used to sit in front of her round mirror, all covered up with pearls, glimmering stones and everything in between, putting on all that my tiny body could hold, wishing that one day I would be like her. And well, sitting here writing all this makes me realize that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Thank you, mommo. I miss you xx

So, what happened with that outstanding blouse? Ooh... You know me, don't you? Of course it's in great custody. And something else that's pretty certain is that these crazily cool colors need to be taken out for a stroll sooo very soon. I mean... Duty calls, right?

Dreaming of

If only my wallet would have been a little fatter I wouldn't hesitate a single second on buying these (and perhaps more) pieces from amazing Rosie Assoulin. Love all that fabric, volume and classic colors! 

Flea finds

I've never been much into blue, especially not when it comes to interior. My mum is the same (and perhaps also the one to blame for this). I still remember her wondering how people could bring it into their homes. Such a cold color!, she always said (and still does…). And as a child we all know how it goes. It stuck in me, this hate of the blue hue.

Mums might know what's best (at least at that age), but as time flies we also tend to change with it. Tomorrow is always a new chapter. All of a sudden a loathe can turn into love which is exactly what happened to me the other weekend. Just like that I fell for the (forbidden) aforementioned... But don't worry, Mum! My walls will remain white (I'm not head over heels), but when these old blue/white china plates from Rörstrand caught my eye I just had to give in.

Clash for

Boots  –  old ones from Teneriffe  /  The rest  –  2nd hand

Howdy hot stuffs! Everything alright? As the sun is back and it's getting lighter (Thank God!) I wanna wear a likewise palette. To get a tougher take on the trend (sheer shades easily tend to feel a little too feminine) I prefer to mix different fabrics and materials. Think contrasts, soft meets hard (like here, angora and leather) and your look will instantly become more edgy and exciting.

This is what I wore the other day. Enjoy! xx


Holy Moly, how perfect aren't these kitten heels from Zara? After seeing Columbine posting this pic on her Instagram I fell in love. Still two weeks (!!) later my pretty little mind can't forget about them bowed beauties. Kinda sick, but I've been thinking of them more or less e-v-e-r-y day since… No joke. Guess there's no other remedy (and whine shhh-ing) than to just put them in the basket? What do you think? Should I..?

Bought some

The shiny shit I was talking about? 
Well, here they are – an old jar made of brass (a must-have metal when it comes to interior decoration if you ask me!), a classic chain bracelet and a wide golden ring.