Top to toe - Vintage & 2nd hand

Well, that was a while ago... Missed me?
In case you've forgotten what I look like – here's what I was wearing the other day.

Less is More

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The summer and heat finally found us. It's gazing hot outside (and everywhere else), but I'm definitely not complaining. For someone (read me) who tend to freeze for about 300 days a year this is heaven! 

Today me and my parents went out on a little boat trip. We stopped by at a beach, had some lunch and just enjoyed life at its fullest. I'm very careful to use sunscreen, preferably one with high SPF since I don't want to get burned, but mostly to protect my skin. As I'm also very strict with the ingredients I decided to go for this sun oil from Eco Cosmetics

Actually I bought it last summer, but got some left. Never really felt I tried it out properly enough, but I'm telling you - it's so much better than I remembered! I have always had a hard time getting a tan, but this is seriously booster in a bottle. I'm gonna place a new order straight away cause this oil is magical. The only cons is the small size and pretty high price, but.. as long as it's pure (only 6 ingredients!) it's kind of worth it, I think. If you happen to find anything purer, please let me know. 

Safe sunbathing, people! xx

Take me away

The rain is pouring and the sky is grayer than an ashtray.
Copy, paste and insert me right there in the middle, please.


Nike Air Max Thea QS Black Sail

Ok. When I have finally found a pair of sneakers that I really like they are sold out everywhere. I mean, how typical can it be? 

Or do you happen to know where I can find them in EU 37,5/US 6,5? 

Yes, I'm desperate.

Sorry Chanel

… but I was first! Kind of.

Two years ago, a sunny day in July, I made this necklace out of a paint bucket handle and some random pearls. Later on one night I went on playing and created some stuff that easily could've been taken for being part of Sophie Bille Brahe's (currently hyped) pearl collection. Not as exclusive material vise, but the designs were many times almost identical.

And this ain't the first time things like this happen.

When I was around twelve and my biggest dream was to become an interior designer I sketched a table. While browsing through a magazine many months later it's suddenly in front of me, signed Zaha Hadid...

I just can't help but feeling a bit astonished every time this strange thing happen to me. A forthcoming nose or just coincidences, however it's a bit funny.


Seinabo is right in THIS one.

You ain't getting any younger. 

With those words in mind, now let's live and enjoy life this weekend, don't you think? 

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