Winter might seem like a fairytale to some, but one of the downsides is the dehydrating impact it has on everything from hair, skin and even the air around us. To avoid (or at least prevent) it from stealing too much of our moisture there are a few tricks (which I wrote about last winter) that can make you bear through without becoming too brittle. Though these can take you a long way there will also be days when your skin requires a more heavy duty artillery.

Here I've gathered three fantastic crack fighting crèmes that are on my wish list right now.

On My Mind

On the 1st of December we're going to a Christmas show/party and instead of a dress (which I've been wearing every single year = boring!) I feel for something less traditional this time. Yesterday I ordered these Vinyl Pants from MANGO and if they fit I might wear them. Patent can be a bit hard to style and some might even find this high shine fabric kinky. The secret to prevent this is to keep everything else simple and balance up with something more feminine and delicate.

Personally I have a soft spot for ruffles so this Crepe Top from J.CREW would be the perfect match.

Party means dancing so therefore I prefer a slightly lower heel. These Ankle Strap Sandals from NELLY are a real bargain as they are both classic and wallet friendly.

One can always dream, right? These Pearl Drop Earrings from MIZUKI would add just that little extra.

Now when winter is here for real we have to focus even more on hydrating our skin. Right now everyone is buzzing about the sheet mask, but as you know I'm very selective with ingredients I therefore haven't tried one yet. After some Googeling I luckily came across the brand 100% PURE which have three different ones I would love to try! Green Tea Water Bomb Mask from 100% PURE.

My hair heroes are running out so it's time to refill. Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner Duo Gift Set from RAHUA.

Lana Ruffled Crepe top from J.CREW  –  Green Tea Water Bomb Mask from 100% PURE  –  'Sea of Beauty' Keshi Pearl Drop Earrings from MIZUKI  –  Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner Gift Set from RAHUA  –  Vinyl Trousers from MANGO  –  Heel Sandal from NELLY.

Pussy Power

While Googling around for some pottery the other day I happened to come across this piece of art by the danish designer/ceramicist Per Rehfeldt. So beautiful and genius, don't you think? I predict it's a unique one-of-a-kind vase cause I can't seem to find it anywhere. Though I've sent him an email asking about it so cross your fingers he will get back to me. I just couldn't resist.

The Blow-Dry Buddy

I've never been a fan of having my hair out loose to be honest. I don't know why, but somehow I just feel much more comfortable and sharp when it's up. I know it's pretty boring most of the times, but sadly I suspect this might have affected the way I feel about my hair.. It really tears on you. The worst thing would be if anyone saw. Therefore it has always been very important to feel that I have control over it, if you see what I mean. Anyhow I try to be better and has now indulged myself with some new products. I imagine it might make the relation to my hair a bit better. A current favorite is this organic blow-dry lotion from LESS IS MORE. It makes my hair much thicker and oh so shiny! Now I just saw that they also have another volumizing spray, Angelroot, which sounds amazing as well. Might try that next time.

Chitin Spray  &  Angelroot Volume Spray from LESS IS MORE.

Top Score Treasure

Though it's not THAT one, but somehow my good Gods must have heard my prayers. A beige coat has been on my list for ages and as you can tell by this picture it really turned out to be a top score stunner that finally found its way to me. Happy girl! 

The Trend

This autumn we take inspiration from above – the space. Let's switch out our regular black (boring) boots and go for a pair of standout high-shiners. It sure livens up the simplest of outfits. And that is moreover how I personally would style it – with something simple where the shoes add and stand for that little extra. Neutrals such as white, gray and black are always a winner when paired with silver. For inspiration, take a look at Chanel's Fall 2017 to see how I'm thinking.

But if you want to step up the game even more you go for glitter. Save or spend, it's up to you. Feeling for some serious splurging and sparkle then SAINT LAURENT have THE PAIR! No doubt the most buzzed about boots of the season.

Time to get that glitter on, ladies!

Zoe Silver from HENRY KOLE  –  Mirrored-leather ankle boots from BALENCIAGA  –  Dawell metallic leather ankle boots from ISABEL MARANT  –  Loulou metallic textured-leather ankle boots from SAINT LAURENT  –  Metallic finish ankle boots from MANGO  –  Hot toddy pointy boots from TOPSHOP  –  Glitter Chelsea boots from FOREVER 21  –  Ritza glittered boots from ISABEL MARANT  –  Niki 105 Thigh-High boot from SAINT LAURENT.
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