The Healing Elixir

After a lazy summer with nice food and too many drinks it felt so good to finally be back in business with my workout routine again. Went to my first class on Monday so now I'm all sore and can barley move, no kidding. But as they say: No pain, no gain. Tonight I'm off again and to prep my muscles so they cope I have cuddled up in the couch with a warm cup of Golden Milk.

For centuries this beautiful yellow beverage has been used both in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, but here in the West there still might be some who haven't heard about it before. If so or not, it's really worth repeating due to all its amazing health benefits.

The yellow color comes from curcumin, found in the main ingredient; the turmeric. In India they call it "The Spice of Life" which sums it up just wonderfully. Turmeric is one of Mother nature's most potent anti-inflammatory with over 600(!) potential health benefits such as:

– better digestion
– liver detoxifying
– lower blood sugar levels
– improved skin
– increased memory and brain function
– more flexible joints and muscles
– stronger immune system

So, as you can see this extraordinary elixir is a real must. I try to make sure I have at least one cup a day. Here's what you need:


1 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp black pepper*
1/2 tbs coconut oil*
boiling hot water
plant based milk (I use organic oat milk)

If you prefer you can always add more spices such as:

Fresh ginger
Ceylon cinnamon

I normally just put all spices and the coconut oil in a big cup, pour boiling hot water over and then top it off with oat milk. Just as simple as that! Remember to always use organic ingredients.

*Studies have shown that by adding black pepper the bioavailability (absorption in the body) of the turmeric is increased by 2000%(!). The coconut oil also helps to increase the absorption as the turmeric is fat-soluble. Therefore, to get the most out of this super spice, it's highly recommended that you include these two in your drink.

To notice the benefits it's recommended to take at least 1 tbs a day.

And a little friendly reminder – be aware when both preparing and drinking it. This yellow wonder stains extremely easy. In India it's also used as a fabric dye... Well, I told you it was a multi-tasker.

Enjoy and happy health! xx

Organic Turmeric Powder from KIKI HEALTH and NATURE'S LAB.

Spirit Animal

'Crocodile Eating Ballerina', Helmut Newton, 1983.

"... for the same reason that careers will be difficult to choose - Alligators don't want to make mistakes... " ... those born under this sign are likely to have trouble finding the perfect career fit. That's because there are two distinct sides to Alligators - that which wants others to be proud and impressed by their achievements and the which wants to explore the deeper mysteries of the world." ... "The most important life lesson for an Alligator is to find a balance between all the different sides of life."

So, maybe it's not so strange why I have these feelings a little now and then. I just found out that my Spirit Animal is the Alligator so now all this makes sense. Though it's a bit exhausting (as it's all still the same) it's kind of a relief to know that I'm not just completely nuts feeling this way. It's just something I'm born into and have to make the best out of instead. Wish me luck! x

What Spirit Animal are you? Find out HERE.

Get The Trend

'Walk Through Walls' by MARINA ABRAMOVIC  –  Double-breasted checked blazer from MAYLA  –  Sunglasses from MANGO  –  Stockholm T-shirt from TOTÊME  –  Curved stud earrings from COS  –  Original denim light blue from TOTÊME  –  Chain leather bag from MANGO  –  Pocket bristle brush from MASON PEARSON  –  Velvet slingback from MANGO.

This is how I would style the tartan trend. I prefer to put the blazer in the spotlight, to work as the key player. As we all know, this pattern can easily calls good ol grandma to mind, but to avoid and weigh this up I choose a pair of relaxed fit denim in a lighter wash. To make it all pop I go for a bag in red (which is another big trend for autumn/winter), cat eye sunnies and a slingback with a lower heel. Love these Dior-inspired velvet ones from Mango. Though I normally prefer gold instead of silver I go for the later in this case. Silver will add freshness and a much more modern feeling to the outfit. These earrings are spot on. And the book and hairbrush? Well, they're still on my wish list.

Three Is A Trend

The good thing with autumn? To scroll through the street style pics and see what the lucky ones are wearing to fashion week. 

One of the strongest trends at the moment? With no doubt TARTAN, mainly worn as a blazer or coat, but also on accessories as seen above.

The Perfect Pouch

Monochrome, timeless, feminine, sophisticated, airy, one-shoulder, maxi lengths, orange accents.

Stockholm Fashion Week is in full swing and one of my favorite collections so far is definitely STYLEIN. Guess I wasn't the only one who fell in love with THAT POUCH BAG... 

See all pictures from the show HERE.

On Repeat

On Twitter she has been praised by both Katy Perry and Lorde and the plays on Spotify have in only a year reached millions. Last weekend she performed at Musikens Makt in Luleå and I'm still so sad I couldn't go. I can only imagine how powerful it must have been. 

Who I'm talking about? The Swedish rising star, SKOTT
My favorite tune at the moment? Mermaid, no doubt.

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