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I've said it before, but this winter has really felt like an eternity. It gets worser for every year. I need sunshine. Warmth. Simplicity. Things that make life feel easy. When the sun is shining, I am shining. That's the equation. 

To help myself endure the last few months of snow and coldness I dream and wish for lighter, softer colors and do things that makes me happy. Like buying colorful tulips for the weekend, cook a halloumi sallad for lunch (a summer classic of mine) and always make sure to head out and seize those rare rays as soon the sun peeks. It's in the small things. At least I do my best to tell myself so.

When spotted on shoulders both at Italian it-girl Gilda Ambrosio and our Scandinavian layering expert Pernille Teisbaek during the ongoing fashion weeks, we know this is the coat du jour. I play safe and go for a black one. It lasts for years as this style actually is kind of a classic.
MA1 Zip Bomber jacket from TOPSHOP.

What's not to love about this wonderful material? It's both cheap and beautiful (not som often that happens..) and gives warmth and texture to a room. I'm so eager to build/make something with it. Just haven't figured out what yet.

Still doesn't own a single scent from this brand, but I would definitely not mind one. The bottles themselves are worth buying them for, especially one of their latest which is a tribute to the nurses who saved thousands of lives on the front lines of World War 1. Great cause and I'm so excited to smell it.
Eau de Perfume 'Rose of no man's land' from BYREDO.

It all started when I saw Petra Marklund on the Swedish morning news program, Nyhetsmorgon, a few months ago. She wore the black version of these stunners and since then they have been stuck in my mind. Then I found out they are available in so many other colors too. I mean, look at these pink/copper metallic ones... So awesome!
Elyse star platform shoes from STELLA MCCARTNEY

In Christmas present my dear bf bought me a new cell phone. Of course my new baby needs protection and what would suit better than this one? 
Python beige iPhone case from THE CASE FACTORY.

MA1 Zip Bomber jacket from TOPSHOP  –  Eau de Perfume 'Rose of no man's land' from BYREDO  –  Elyse star platform shoes from STELLA MCCARTNEY  –  Python beige iPhone case from THE CASE FACTORY.

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