Pink Pity

Gilda Ambrosio at London Fashion Week FW 15, photographed by Sandra Semburg.

Last week I found the coolest pink jeans at the local second hand shop. Ok, it was some random brand I've never heard of, but I tried them on, they fitted and I just hanged them back(...?!). 

"No, darling. You already have too much thrift shop shit in your wardrobe. Don't." 

The sane part of my brain had spoken. And this time I listened. I'm telling you – I shouldn't. 

Of course I couldn't stop thinking about these so I headed back a few days later, with money in my hand and strength in my stride towards the trousers section. The outfits were already set up in my head. I would cut them off at the ankles and perhaps remove the pink studs in the front.

So, where were they? The panic hit me. I couldn't find them. I didn't want to believe it so I asked the sales associate. Nope. They hadn't seen them. They were really gone. 

Poof. Just like that. 

Disappointed I tucked down my money and headed for the door, this time with a temper so far from what I use to leave with. 

The enchantment with second hand shopping – there's only one of each. Some days your the winner, the other it's all a disaster. Never again, I thought. But guess what? I just did and I'm sooo mad at myself. Again. Today I'm the first one in AND the winner out! Wish me luck! 

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