You're A Star

The last couple of weeks I've been totally obsessed with everything astrological and how the sun, moon and the entire solar system affect our beings and behaviors. Every since I was I kid I've been mesmerized by the stars and what's out there. I nearly even applied to the Space Science high school in Kiruna, but changed my mind because it was so far away from home. Anyhow there's something appealing with not knowing, don't you think? It triggers our mind and imagination, makes us dream, but also question who and what we really are. Though there are times in life when we feel lost and blank. Like no one understands us, not even ourself sometimes. These moments you should always remember that there's no coincidence that you became the one you are. It's all written in the stars and if we're willing to it can give us guidance and clarity to move forward and become the best version of the one we are meant to be. For new perceptions and knowledge about yourself and the people around you I really recommend you to check out

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