How To Keep Skin
Hydrated Through The Winter

We're right in the middle of it and let's face it - we'll be kept in its grip for three more month, more or less. I'm talking about the dreadful winter.

Harsh winds, temperatures below zero and dry indoor air. Fresh and beautiful by all means now when the sun is (finally) out, but the downside is how bad it can impact our skin. That glowy summer complexion is replaced by unflattering cracks and scales. Just writing it makes me shiver...

Luckily there are a few tricks to thwart the aforementioned. This is what I do:

Ok, this isn't latest news. We all know it, but do we really practice what we preach? To be honest I always tend to forget. I'm no fan of pure cold water. A cup of herbal tea/hot lemon water is more me, but that's more or less the same I suppose. Just remember to be a little extra careful with caffeinated drinks such as coffee and black tea as they are diuretic. So bottoms up, babes!

Same goes here. The outside is a reflection of your inside. Pretty simple when you think of it. Indulge in watery foods such as soups, vegetable, fruits, berries and good healthy fats. Avoid eating too much salty, dry and crunchy food as these will soak up more of the necessary moisture.

Do you slather the same cream on all year round? Think again. As the weather changes so does our skin. A lightweight lotion might do the job in the summer, but in a cold climate your skin calls for more. Here a serum comes into play! Unlike a moisturizer that stays on the surface of the skin (due to its bigger molecules) a serum can penetrate all the way down to dermis (where the skin produce its nutrition) and in that way boost, balance and strengthen your skin. If you haven't got any serum – run and buy! It makes ALL the difference.

Moreover, I recommend you to invest and put some extra money in a good skincare routine. Personally I use cleanser, serum, eye cream, lotion and night cream. All natural and organic, of course.

Especially now during the winter it's good to take an extra look at the ingredients. Alcohol and water based products tend to dry skin out. Avoid using if you want to be on the safe side. And last, but not least – stay consistent! Morning and evening. No cheating.

I can't praise it enough. A hot steamy sauna not only do wonders to your skin, but to your whole being. Instead of me writing a Bible about all the benefits, just google it to find out. I have a sauna almost everyday!

As the temperature drops so does the humidity. If you have some real trouble fighting the freezing (and sneezing) you might consider buying a humidifier. Unfortunately I don't have one myself (yet), but it's said to do wonders, especially during winter.

Good luck and may your skin stay smooth and soft! x

PS. Sharing is caring! What are your tricks to a healthy skin? DS.

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