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Remember this dreamy home? Well, it's sold and gone, but I can't resist doing a post about it anyway. The interior styling was oh so right so I just had to make a little collage with ready-to-shop products for you in the kind of same style.

Do you feel the same? Now when autumn is here I'm craving for new things to decorate my home with. Lamps, carpets, ottomans – you name it. It's a joy rearranging stillebens and to move around things to new places, don't you think?

Next thing I'm about to is to actually build my very own headboard! After years(!) of searching I just can't seem to find the right one. Either the style is right, but in wrong color or it costs a fortune. Now I only need to find the perfect fabric. I'm telling you – it won't be easy so wish me luck.

Areca palm from IKEA  –  Coffee table book from TOM FORD  –  Avedon Fashion 1944-2000 from RICHARD AVEDON  –  Porcelain Hollywood Regency lamp from ONE KINGS LANE  –  Shy Horse from ONE KINGS LANE  –  9'' Aline Jar from ONE KINGS LANE  –  Lime, Basil & Mandarin Deluxe candle from JO MALONE  –  7'' pink agate slice from ONE KINGS LANE  –  Rockport Chesterfield sofa in sage velvet from ONE KINGS LANE  –  Natural polished obsidian volcanic glass from ONE KINGS LANE  –  Elise coffee table from ONE KINGS LANE  –  Coral linen zebra pillow from ONE KINGS LANE  –  Stone antelope pattern pillow from ONE KINGS LANE.

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