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A few weeks ago I got contacted by a woman, Malin, regarding my Plick-profile (a Swedish app where you can buy and sell second hand & vintage clothes, shoes and accessories). She really liked my style and the way I was presenting my clothes and asked if I was interested in joining their team by being one of their first selected style profiles when they launched an other, new personalised vintage app, OOAK Vintage. Of course I had to say yes to such an opportunity!

My closet doesn't even fit a t-shirt anymore and my basement (AND mum and dad's!) are filled with big black bin bags, cram-filled with things I no longer use. I'm just so bad at throwing things away, I seriously can't. You never know when you might need that funny glitter top or those extra wide leg pants – those kind of clothes that come and go in fashion or with that extra twist. I'm telling you, it's more than once I've actually made bargains when opening these bags.

But... Like I said – it's really time to let things go (and to make room for new) and I'm so happy if all these fantastic pieces can find someone who can love them as much as I have. Shopping second hand and vintage is one of the most exciting and fun things I know! Cause you never know what bargain might await in that little boutique, or in this case – in an app on your phone! I love the idea, which is both simple and inspiring! You have that boutique in your pocket, wherever you go. It have never been easier to make that perfect catch before.

So, what are you waiting for?

To SHOP MY STYLE (@saemlstaint), someone else's or maybe sell your own,
just download the OOAK Vintage app!

If you have any questions or if there's anything special you're looking for, don't hesitate to send me an email. I will upload new stuff continuously, so hopefully you'll find something you like! 


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