Thursday Thoughts

And suddenly autumn is around the corner and I'm paler than a paper sheet. When you enjoyed your summer holidays I was working my ass off. It feels like sh-t to have missed out on the beautiful Swedish summer, but that's the bitter truth. So, you can imagine my crave for some sun now, uh? What destination I dream of? MALLORCA.

As the evenings are getting darker I've started to look for a decorative lamp to light up my kitchen area. If I had the money I wouldn't hesitate on this masterpiece – Decanterlight Chandelier from LEE BROOM.

Darker days means darker nails. Well, not neccesarily, but I've been looking at Chanel's Rouge Noir for a long time, but as I'm very picky with ingredients I go for the most similar 5-free choice – Wicked from ESSIE.

Decanterlight from LEE BROOM  –  Wicked from ESSIE.

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