DIY: Heel Hot Up

So typical me thinking of something for years instead of just doing it. So, a few years ago I got these black heels from my auntie, but never seemed to find a way to use them. It was something about that little cut that bothered me, but I kept them thinking I'm gonna fix them in some way. Someday. Remember THESE were in my mind for a very long time. 

Maybe I should just put a bow on those heels? Hmm... Well... 

Of course I didn't. Lack of creativity I guess. The months passed, I tried them on, my feelings hadn't changed, so my poor pumps had to stay there, in the darkness of the closet. 

And so the other week, when scrolling through Instagram I fell in love again – this time in a pair of black slippers from H&M's Conscious Exclusive collection

Then the forgotten ones screamed at me – "ACTION!"

And suddenly it was just there – my beloved creativity. I'm telling you, when it hits I'm transformed. I enter that world where I can't be reached. I'm obsessed, possessed and nothing can stop me. 

I started off with two satin ribbons (each 50 centimeter long) and some pins to secure the bow before I needled it together. 

So, I didn't get much sleep last night, but definitely a "new" pair of stunners! Voilà! 

What do you think? Scary enough they turned out to look nearly exactly the same as the ones from H&M now when I looked them up again. Oh well, it's definitely an easy and cheap way to hot up a pair of dull heels. Predict these will be my everyday favorites. A classic with a twist, just the way I like it! 


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