Body Language

To lose yourself in the music, feel the adrenaline and sweat pumping and just forget about the world around you... Oh, how I love to dance! Tonight I really rocked at my dance class. It was so much fun and I nailed all the steps so well. You know, the feeling when life is on your side-kind of thing. If only there were more classes available I would attend them all. It's such a great way to work out. Instead of actually feeling the heaviness all you can think of is the rhythm, what emotions awaken inside of you and how they come into actions in your expressions. Pure love.

And, working out also means you need some extra refueling. Being honest I'm the worst person ever remembering to drink enough water. And yes, there you have it – remembering. I just forget. Never feel thirsty. Plain cold water is the worst. I nearly hate it. Uuuuh. I prefer warm stuff so I try to make big cups of hot herbal tea. That use to help, but it so hard to simply remembering. 

How about you? Do you drink enough water? What's your tricks to stay hydrated? 
This little raisin girl really needs them.

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