Blue basics

Cashmere from GANT Rugger & Jeans from Filippa K

Lately I've been finding it so hard getting dressed, not having any motivation whatsoever. But so the other day it got to me, the reason to why I felt like this:

I miss basics! 

Now Autumn is (finally?) here and what could be a better moment to start updating the wardrobe than now? Classics in neutral colors, that's what I'm gonna look for henceforth.

Here's at least two steps I've made in building a basic wardrobe:

These jeans I've been having on my mind since I tried them on back in July. On and off I've been regretting I didn't buy them, but so the other week when visiting my local clothing store they just laid there, in my size and everything. I must say they are even comfier and nicer than I remembered. So light and stretchy it feels like you're wearing a pair of tights. I also find the blue to be close to perfect, don't you think?

Actually this sweater is 2nd hand, bargained just a few days ago, and I couldn't be more satisfied! Cashmere is with no doubt one of my favorite materials. Chic, timeless and warm - all at the same time.

I really do not hope so, but IF there's still anyone out there finding it scary buying stuff from a complete stranger – Just wash it (even twice if you like) and be proud for making a change. The current mass consumption is insane leaving harmful footprints on our environment. 

Did you perhaps know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world?

Buying 2nd hand is many times charity supportive and also of course much cheaper! I mean, what is not to like? Mother Earth AND your wallet will love you for making such a wise choice. xx

Sloane cashmere sweater from EQUIPMENT  –  Debbie Light Blue Jeans from FILIPPA K

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