Nail notions

Did you know that I hate nail polish? Ok, not hate, but.. I just never been into it. First of all I don't like the shape of my nails (especially not in short style). I remember me and one of my childhood friends (with likewise shape) used to joke about our spades. Yes, that's what we called them. I think you get the picture?

Well... long, wide, small or what ever – they are there. And when it comes to highlighting them, I get stuck. I just find it too complicated. Too much effort and time for something that, by the end of the day, will look chipped. And at that point of depression and despair, you know what you should do. Hello chemicals! Gaaah... As if picking a color (in first place) weren't terrifying enough... 

But then suddenly, one sunny day a few weeks ago, when flicking through some magazines a nude polish from Essie caught my eye. Normally ads never affect me, but something said "Go get it!". Store next and I'm telling you... I'm amazed! 

Round-tipped brush, super fluid and quick-drying. But best of all? It's actually very lasting! 

Another good thing (though I'm not so conversant in the nail business) is that Essie is "Big 3-free"! This means their polishes are free from the toxic chemicals formaldehyde, toulene and DBP. Thank you for that! xx

Hands say a lot about a person, don't they? How about you? What's your tips and thoughts about nails, polishes or just hands in general?

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