High ceilings, decorative mouldings and light spacious rooms. Tick those boxes in and you have my dream home. A flawless ground like that and not much more is needed. It speaks for itself. Oh well, this ain't reality yet, but... I'M MOVING and I couldn't be more excited at the moment!! Every single inch of my pretty little mind is totally invaded by interior thoughts. It's almost I can't sleep at night. No, seriously. This is me in a nutshell. Planner could be my middle name.

Materials, furniture, objects, DIYs... And then we have... The colour. I start to sweat, my heart beats faster. 

What is the perfect white? 

I do like always. I Google it. My heart calms when realizing I'm in great company of so many other lost decorators. It wouldn't be overstated saying white is the absolute hardest shade (cause it's no colour, right?) to choose. 

Happen to be in the same (horrible) situation?

 Make sure you know what other colours, materials etc you're going to have before choosing your perfect shade of nothing cause white is extremely sensitive. It can appear yellow, blue and green (to only name a few) depending on surrounded colours, objects, flooring etc. 

See why I'm ridiculously  pernickety? In my perfectionistic world green walls would mean a disaster..

Thought the greatest impact is still the amount of light in your room. If you wanna analyze the appearance of colour even further (hands up, I admit...) you also take notice to where the room/house is located as the light differs whether your windows are faced to north, south, east or west.

So, what's my imagination of the perfect white? 

Warm without looking creamy, but still crips and clean without feeling cold...

Ok, enough of shade choosing and decorating dilemmas for today or insanity will come before we even get the keys.

Ring, ring... "Hello! It's regarding the sofa..."

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