"I love autumn. It's my favourite season!", a dear friend said to me over a glass of wine a hot day in Stockholm earlier this summer.

In that moment, with the late summer sun gazing in my face, the only thing I could feel was panic and angst. I didn't get it. How on earth could she like the autumn better than this?, I thought while breathing the warm air in extra deeply. 

And suddenly it's finally here; her beloved autumn. The cold drink(s) are replaced by a hot cup of tea and the sore bum is no longer a result of long bike adventures but a reminder of the yoga lesson last night... Season changes and for some reason we seem to follow. The crispy autumn air or not, but somehow my mind feels clearer. And looking back on that lovely day in Stockholm, I think I finally know what she really meant. 

Just like the leaves on the ground give place to new ones to grow it's the same for us. Blank pages waiting to be filled in. Now is the perfect time to start fresh, whether it's a new job, a relationship or getting that haircut you've been thinking of. 

Oh, and speaking of white... Bright thoughts seam to result in likewise actions. This is what I wore the other day. At the moment I'm fond of a much lighter palette. I've already bought two new coats (both in pastels) that I can't wait to wear. Though chilly winds and darker days approach I can't help but feeling quite excited for once. Autumn, I'm so ready! 

// Top to toe - 2nd hand & Vintage //

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