Four days, 1700 kilometer and jaw-dropping views everywhere you turn your head. I've been on a road trip to one of the most beautiful places on earth - Lofoten. No words needed. Just promise to go there once in your lifetime. It's magical!

First stop: Narvik.

... where we stayed at the nice new hotel Rica. 

... and watched the sunset from the sky bar. 

Rorbuer in the cozy capital Svolvær. Stop here for a drink in the harbor while watching boats come and go and seagulls sing and sail over your head. 

Seaweed in Henningsvær. 

... where I went sea shell hunting while baby had an ice cold dip in the Arctic ocean. Brrr...

The small village Napp where we grilled salmon and had a few hours sleep.

 Happiness overload in Ramberg. White beach and white peaks. At the same time. This is where your brain goes disorientally loco. It's like Caribbean clashed together with the Alps. So unbelievably beautiful we never wanted to leave!

Reine where we stopped by a gallery, one of many many along the road.

 We made it! This is me. Happy, but melancholic in Å, where the road ends.

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