Blue, blue sky... Thank God, summer is back! What's on my agenda today? Nothing, blank page, so we headed to the beach. 

So, in what should you bring your belongings? It can be tricky to find a bag that works for a long day at the beach and that suits your needs. 

I have two tips I think you should have in mind when choosing a beach bag: 
Colour and size. This is wrong moment to be shy. Go for brights (especially warm shades) cause they go so well with tanned skin and are always upcheering. Next thing is the size. Towel, books, sunscreen... and the list goes on if you ask me. Make sure it's big enough to fit everything you need and even more.

This orange one, that I got a few weeks ago, fulfills my needs perfectly! Here are a some of my beach essentials: 
A hat (to prevent overheating and to be able to read a good book), a nice kaftan and high sunscreen (I'm using this one).

Now: a shower, get ready and then off to the supermarket! Indian flavors for dinner tonight. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful day! xx

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