// Sunnies - Prada // Shoes - bought on Teneriffe // The rest - 2nd hand //

Puuuh! I'm back. And sorry for my little absence. My schedule has really been hectic the last couple of days (love it!), but this is what I wore on Wednesday. And yes, it was veeery slippery...

Right now I'm in the car, on my way home. If you follow me on Instagram (which I hope?!) I guess you've seen a little peek of what I've been up to. Go follow me @saemlstaint

Yesterday I woke up at 03.50. Destination Kiruna/Jukkasjärvi. Such an inspirational trip! Still a lot to digest... 

I love meeting people being passionate about their work and, even though it might be a different business than your own, I like how it positively affects your creativity, makes you think in new directions and look at things with novel eyes cause in the end, I somehow like to believe that the world is all built on the same principles. 

What's your thoughts?

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