// Pants - Filippa K // The rest - 2nd hand //

This day has been more than amazing! Me and the dogs started with a long long walk along the lake in the bright sunlight. So "hot" (+7 degrees!!!) it demanded jacket off and sleeves up! Energy depots: refilled.

By the way.. Juergen Teller came by earlier for some coffee so I asked him to take a quick shot of my outfit. No, seriously.. Here's the evidence - I need a new camera. No offense, Juergen. I love your lightning, but this coloured block as seen above... Well, I leave that up to you.

Now I just got back home (ok, a few hours ago..) after some quick 2nd hand shopping, a few drinks and great chit chat with a dear friend. Thanks, A! xx

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  1. Hej! låter som en jättemysig dag! du är verkligen så fin också :) Hmm.... kn den här fina vännen ha barit... Almis? eller anna kanske? jag tror ALmis <3 Puss ochkram från din ansterdammare! ps. Kom o hälsa på s art. Vi får riktig VÅR nu i mars! woho


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