GOOD EVENING, LADIES! This is a result of wholehearted 2nd hand shopping! Oh, yes. Top to toe. I can't believe how great, and many times eye catching (Hello! Old odd lovely pieces!), it can turn out if you get your ass to a second hand shop! Those cheapies kick you in the butt yelling to you to turn that creativeness on! Get lost in colours, patterns, fabrics. Bring life back to those dormantive pieces. THAT'S love (and meditation) to me. By the way! Please, tell me. What's up with you dudes who get scared to the bone when just mentioning re-, pre-, second? COME ON! Wake up. Individuality? Environment? Hello? This is where the real bargains are! It's unique and you don't have to worry (that much) meeting a twin outfit on the street. And, to you posh ladies... Have you heard about washing machines? 

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