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THE WEATHER IS getting colder and I'm running out of outfits... Literally. Same procedure as last year. As always. I must say I hate this time of the year,and the upcoming winter (which is waaaay toooo long anyway). It's windy, rainy, cold and you never seem to have something appropriate to put on. Not to mention how insanely unmotivated it makes you feel. And the fact that all lovely heels won't see the sunlight for like half a year(!)*. Insane. Horrible thought.

Maybe it's just me, but suddenly everything feels so complicated. Nothing seems to match. Lumpy sweaters under too light jackets while you're telling yourself only this last day. You know those goosebumps are all over you by the minute you're heading out the front door, but it's still too soon to surrender.

Or is it just to open up my eyes and realize? My wardrobe isn't enough well equipped when it comes to outerwear.**

Hey, it's Friday and here I am - Miss Complaining. Sorry.

What is your feeling about this? Any good remedies to share?

What I was going to say anyway, according to the picture above, was that I wanna wrap my legs in a nice well fitted pair of statement pants. Chic, trendy, comfy AND when the real cold hits you it might be possible to wear a pair of long-johns underneath?***


* Honestly. Maybe even longer? I'm sooo living at the wrong place...

** I guess it's a mix? That feels better.

*** Horrible thought #2.

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