IF YOU DIDN'T know, I love to write*. To-do lists, reminders, thoughts, ideas... You name it. I remember, one summer I did it so madly that my boyfriend one night went bananas. As the spontaneous and impulsive person he is, he had had enough. My crazy obsession was about to take over my life, he said, followed by ironicly questioning if my toilet visits also could be found on any of my lists...**

Surprisingly, (without this incident in mind?) he bought me this beautiful Swarovski pen on the plane to our latest trip to Greece. Fun reminder or not, I love it. Looking at it brings those memories back. Reminding me. Sometimes we have to relax, be a bit spontaneous and let life bring you something instead of the other way around. I always carry it with me in my bag, where ever I go. 

Living in such a virtual society where letters equals emails and your phone is jam-packed with auto reminders we forget the most important part. To be personal and show REAL appreciation, happiness and that we care. 

Next time you're sending someone a greeting, a thought or what ever - skip that one minute phone text and pick up your pen instead! 


* For some reason I always tend to change font style on my writing. At the moment it's all about big black capital letters. Baam!

** Pfff... Of course not!

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