The Organic Multi Balm

One of the most panicking things I know is the feeling of sand paper dry hands. You know, when you touch something (fabric in specific) and it stucks a little due to all cracks. Huh! Only thinking of it makes me shiver...

Thankfully this mainly happens during winter when the air is all cold and dry. One of those days, when my hands were at their worst, I came across this white tube of wonder. At this point nothing could make it more bad anyway so I decided to let go of my suspicion for someone being such assertive, stating to be the one and only, and squeezed some onto my poor pale hands.

From that moment we were unseparable and though spring is in the air I haven't the slightest thought of replacing this superhero with any substitute at all.

So, let's just say that good confidence can give you great results sometimes. And by all means moreover – taking a closer look shows that this multitasker (bye to everything from insect bites, red baby bottoms and chapped lips as well!) is organic and all natural, award-winning and not tested on animals. It just can't get any better than this.

Get this goody HERE!

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