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So, it's been a while and I'm sorry for that. All my waking hours I've spent at work. It's been so busy now when Christmas is around the corner. Thankfully I got a few hours off today so, inspired by the current season, I couldn't resist putting together what I have had in mind lately.

It's said to be a Oscar contender, this intimate portrait of Jackie Kennedy (starred by beautiful Natalie Portman), the First Lady of America in the 1960s. As she is considered to be one of the greatest style icons through history, I hope to get some real style inspiration from this film. Here in Sweden, Jackie is set to be released at the beginning of next year and I just can't wait!

Always a winner. What better way to celebrate the Santa season than with a classic red lip? Personally I go for an organic and cruelty free alternative. Right now I'm very curious to try the Canadian (now LA-based) brand, ILIA. Any experiences?

One of the most inspirational performance artists out there, Marina Ambramovic, recently published her memoirs – 'Walk through walls'. So curious to get a glimpse inside the mind of this powerful woman and her works. 

Classic red nails by all means, but now I want to twist it up with a little pink, just like Emilia de Poret. So fresh! 

Of course you need a party pantie! I just realized I don't own any red underwear so I guess now is the perfect time to invest in some. Lace is always a winner.

If I had the dollars I wouldn't hesitate a second. These stardust stilettos from Christian Louboutin would make you shine brightest on all the upcoming feasts. When you wish upon a star...

Lipstick 'Wild Child' from ILIA  –  Book 'Walk Through Walls' by MARINA ABRAMOVIC  –  Red nail polish 'Smashing' from BUTTER LONDON  –  Pink nail polish 'Chastity' from ESSIE  –  Panties from HUNKEMĂ–LLER  –  Pumps 'Gravitanita 100' from CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN.

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