Three Is A Trend

The trend spotted outside the FW16 shows.

And then we were here. Subzero temperatures and a soft white layer covering the ground. It's winter, ladies and we better gear ourselves up to avoid freezing (and sneezing). Like every year at this time there is always the same battle – what jacket to invest in this season?

And as we all know, staying warm seldom go hand-in-hand with looking chic. Either we freeze or we put on something less good-looking to avoid this aforementioned. But, in fashion the tides are turning quickly and sometimes it happens to be to our favor.

Let's welcome the Michelin, the marshmallow or as my sister-in-law says – the kassler. Dear child has many names and taking a look at streetstyle and the runway this style really seems to live up to this saying. Well, as you can guess by this time I'm talking about the 90s classic that is making a huge comeback – the puffer jacket.


So, if there is one thing to keep in mind when talking about this fast spinning industry is that you should never take anything for granted. Always remember; never say never. What is a big no no one day can be the most hyped it-thing the next. Stay open minded and curious. 

On the other hand I guess that's something you should apply on all things in life, right?

Acne Studios  –  Balenciaga  –  Stella McCartney.

The more Michelin and statement looking the trendier. For the brave hearted – let it slip down your shoulders as styled at Acne Studios and Balenciaga (as seen above), but also at Alexander McQueen and Vetements.

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