RMS Beauty

After years of craving I finally got my thumb out and placed an order. All three treasures at the same time – concealer/foundation, lip color and the luminizer. And here they are – three of the best beauty products I've ever used, perfectly packed in round tiny glass jars. Can't believe it took me this long. 

The concealer is a dream! I use it as a foundation, all over my face, and the result is just astonishing. My skin is very sensitive so it always looks dry when I apply normal foundation. Holy mama what a surprise when I tried this one. The hydrating and lightweight formula makes your skin look like it has been photoshopped. So perfectly even, radiant, glowing, youthful.. I could go on forever. You have to try it. That's all I can say.

The shade of the lip color is just perfect. A true red made to suit all skin tones. Spot on the type of red I like. Good thing is (as the name tells) you can use it to give your cheeks a little tint too. Or if you prefer to be a bit avantgarde – why not even on your eyelids? They are all multitaskers.

The highlighter is also a must. It gives your skin that finishing touch, leaving a fresh and illuminated sheen behind. Who doesn't want to look glowingly gorgeous, uh?


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