Crunchy Crackers

Those who know me are familiar with my picky taste when it comes to food. I'm just not concerned about the ingredients (no e-numbers and other additives near me, please), but also there are a lot of stuff I happen to be allergic to (like nuts, almonds and soya to name the worst ones). And as if that wasn't enough... 

"Oh, Mama. She really IS a pain in the ass!", you think?

I also prefer to stay away from gluten, dairy and sugar as well. If someone, by all odds, recognize themselves (please hollah sistah!) I guess you feel me when I say that the alternatives at the supermarket aren't always the most exciting ones? Most of the times it's just crap. What looks good in the beginning can end up like a joke when reading that far too long list of ingredients – stabilisers, hidden sugar and some thickening shit that I definitely not can see why someone would need. No, thank you. And if you, by any means, are lucky to find something quite pure – no, then it's not organic. 

Did I say I was picky?

Anyway, how I solve this first land problem of mine? I make my own of course! These I made the other day, in my new kitchen baby – my Excalibur dehydrator (more about that one in another post if you're interested?). So easy, tasty and the best thing – you know what's in it. 

Seeds, nuts, almonds, grains, vegetables... Just mix together things you like. I used what I had at home at the moment:

1 dl quinoa flour
1 dl gluten free oat flour
1 dl pumpkin seeds
1 grated carrot
salt and pepper

Mix together and add so much water it gets moist and "dough like". Press it all out (as thin as you prefer) on a parchment paper. A trick is to wet your hands with cold water when pressing the dough out as this will prevent it from sticking to your fingers.

If you have a dehydrator just place the parchment paper with the dough on the trays and turn it on to dry. For raw food-style (to preserve all enzymes and nutrition), set the temperature not higher than 40 degrees and let dry for around 10 hours. That's what I did. To make it quicker and/or doesn't have a dehydrator just bake in the oven, on a temperature you prefer. 

Et voilà! A crispy healthy snack, at your service, to a much cheaper price than the crap crackers in the store. 

Bon appétit!

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