The Pillars of Hercules monument. According to the ancient Greek, Gibraltar marked the limit to the known world.

As we came higher up on the mountain, the monkeys were everywhere! This cutie sat outside the entrance to... 

... the spectacular St. Michael's Cave, a network of limestone caves located within the mountain. During the World War II it was prepared as an emergency hospital, but today (except from being a big tourist attraction) it serves as a concert hall and for social events.

Off of Queen's Road, Gibraltar
+350 5401 5063

At the very top, 400 meters above the sea. 

Gibraltar Airport has one of the world's shortest runways. As if that wasn't enough – it's also intersected with a four-lane main road, as seen on the very right...

Three of the nearly 300 monkeys living on the rock.

The view from the Great Siege Tunnels, midway up at the northern end of the rock.

So unbelievable high up there, looking down on the steep cliff. 

Strolled along the cozy British streets. 

... were I found a small hole-in-the-wall antiques shop.

... with loads of vintage jewelry, accessories and some dusty furniture further inside. Well worth to pay a visit if you have some time. 

288 Main Street, Gibraltar
+350 2007 8847

Hola! On Thursday we took the car and drove down to Gibraltar. The weather was lovely and the views fantastic! Started off with a guided 1,5 hour minivan tour to see all the typical attractions. The caves and to see the monkeys were my favorite. After that we strolled around in the town center for a few hours before we headed back home to Estepona. Great day! 

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