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A sunny beach by all means, but the more I travel (ok, it's not much, buuut, you know...), the more I appreciate the arctic climate with our scenic mountains, roaring rivers and some extreme weather a little in between. Right now I can't stop thinking of ICELAND for some reason. Definitely my next dream destination.

Those heels have been stuck in my mind for weeks now. What a statement shoe! Love the fringes and monochrome colors. Woven patent-leather and suede mules from PROENZA SCHOULERs Pre-fall collection.

Read about these new fragrances from the Japanese beauty brand SENSAI a while ago. It's actually their first scents ever and according to the notes it really feels like these two beauties is something that would suit around my neck. So curious to smell them! SENSAI The Silk EdT and SENSAI The Silk EdP.

Tried these jeans on just for fun while bf was looking for some clothes a few months ago and holy macaroni what a great fit! I'm talking tailor made, mama. Perfect stretch and so so comfortable. Unfortunately L:32 so they were a bit too short. Livier Flare Jeans from DIESEL.

If I was about to get a new kitchen, this is exactly on point how I would do it. Such a pure perfection! The delicate colors and the genuine, natural materials... It's a dream!
By Interior Designer KATTY SCHIEBECK, based in Barcelona.

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