The New Me

A few months ago I went to do a Hair mineral analysis. Unfortunately the test results showed I have way too high levels of Copper which in turn lowers other important mineral levels such as Zink, Potassium, Manganese and so on. According to my Nutritionist, this is something I'm born with as the mother transfers her levels to the child during the pregnancy. And looking at it, it's not so strange. Growing up (and then continue to live) in an old house with copper pipes has its results, unfortunately.

And also the fact that I, at the age of twelve, decided to become a vegetarian didn't make the situation any better. It only got worse, but who was I to know all this back then?

Though my new diet involved beans, legumes and those meat substitute stuff it didn't take long until I discovered my first bald spot on the back part of my head. Small as a cent, so I didn't care that much. It was just something temporarily, I thought, and my best friend back then had also lost some hair so it somehow brought us closer and it felt kind of cool having the same thing as her.

Life passed on, it grew out and I older.

My healthy habits increased. I started to follow a diet based on my blood type, of course not to loose weight (I was too skinny already), but just because it felt so good and it wasn't so much different from what I was eating already. I felt so fresh and well, like nothing could stop me. Then one night, while combing my hair, something would soon be questioning my surmised statement of well-being.

In a second I was thrown ten years back in time. With the same fright I could feel it. But this time there were two of them. To my horror they didn't stop at the size of a cent this time. They were about to grow even bigger.

Beans and blood type diets by all means, but this time I really felt that I had to find out what was wrong. Why didn't my hair want to stay?

It's a real since all these minerals and vitamins, but after a few weeks of consideration after my consultation (I'm scared to death of pills and such stuff) I finally realized I actually have to deal with this before it gets even worse. Reading about Copper toxicity is really scary... Allergies, hair loss, Schizophrenia and in the worst cases even suicide(!) don't sound so appealing, uh? So, said and done – after some research I finally found some supplements that felt right for me (of course after recommendations from my Nutritionist and the laboratory doing the analyze).

For two months these five bottles were my buddies. It's funny, but at the end of the treatment I actually felt kind of melancholic. It was finally over, but now I had to leave the ones who had helped me bringing the real me to the surface. Cause yes – I feel completely changed as a person! At first it felt a bit scary when I felt that things were changing inside me, when the excess Copper was starting to leave my system. Who will I meet? Who is this person? It was like getting to know someone new, seriously.

But guess what? This new person happens to be very happy, the hair has started to come back and for the first time in her life she feels a true, deep and sincere lust of life.

That's my story. At first I was a bit unsure if I should be this personal, but then I really felt that more people have to know about this – how important it is to have balanced mineral levels and the effect it has on our mood and well being. No one deserved to feel like I've done on and off. It's not pink ponies and rainbows if I say so. I'm thankful towards myself for doing this. It can seriously change your life.

So, if you have the opportunity – I really recommend, from the bottom of my heart, that you do what I did. Find a Nutritionist that you feel comfortable with and let them do a Mineral analyze of your hair. It's so worth it.

Take care, xx.

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