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Coconut oil by all means, but now my horrible hair has come to a point where nothing seems to master the current madness. The fact that I don't use any conditioner might be one of the reasons... Unfortunately I never got to the point buying any. I tried Estelle & Thilde's once, but (sadly) it was kind of a joke to be honest... And after that I just, "Never mind... I don't care! It'll do...".

As you might know I'm very picky with ingredients. Only pure stuff enter my doorstep. So, finding something good is not the easiest. To my luck I happened to come across this brand RAHUA the other day. Actually I've been reading about it a few years ago already, but somehow I just forgot about it.

This brand is 100% natural, free from parabens & sulfates, vegan, gluten free AND organic! I mean, hellooo! Come to mama! Can't be any better, right? Now the only thing is the price. It's not for free if I put it that way... But you know what? I think it's worth it! I'M worth it.

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