Great Greens

So, here they are! Hemp Powder and Barley Grass, both organically grown of course.

Hemp powder contains all essential amino acids, is rich in omega-3, -6 and -9 and is also high in protein, which is perfect for vegans/vegetarians and for those who want to cut down on animal protein. Very suitable for people with sensitive stomachs and/or other allergies as it's also easy to digest.

Nowadays the majority of all people are too acidic due to stress, pollution and a bad diet. So, to eat more alkalized food and workout regular is good advices if you want a healthy body.

Barley grass is one of the most alkalizing foods that can be found! Moreover it's detoxifying, a booster for your immune system and it's also said to contain an enzyme, P4D1, which repairs the DNA in our cells. The result? We remain young and healthy for much longer! 

Well, as you can hear these two powders are packed with lots of good stuff. The list of benefits could go on for much longer. To put it short – it's SUPER FOOD!

Beauty Food supplement from BODYISM  –  Organic Hemp Protein Powder from MANITOBA HARVEST  –  Organic Barley Grass from PURE SYNERGY ORGANICS.

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