Found My

I just love when this thing happen, when you find something you had completely forgotten about. This happened to me last night in my parent's basement. And as you can see it wasn't just anything, but absolutely spot on and perfect timing. Well, the two at the back are a bit big, but the one in front fits like a glove! 

I bought them on a market, a hot day in Tenerife, many many years ago. As it was on a market I didn't have the chance to try them on, but what to loose? You don't even get a bottle of water for the 2 euros(!) I payed. Somehow I never wore them. I remember I found them too tight back then. Sadly they ended up in some bag at the very back of my wardrobe. 

Thank God I found them again. 

It was with excitement and fingers crossed I pulled them on last night. The feeling when realizing they actually fit, and just the way I want too! So good! I think I'll wear them with something easy and a bit down dressed, like a hoodie or just a t-shirt and those wedges, please. Well, we'll see. First I have to wait for those degrees to rise a little. Come on, spring! 

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