Having a thing for pink at the moment. Perhaps it's the spring heading upon us.

Annika von Holdt's sofa really makes the entire room. And that photo wall, just perfect! Actually I've been thinking of arranging a wall like this myself. Love the personality it gives to your home, having pictures of your friends and family etc. Black and white ones are the most beautiful. 

Can't wait to days when you can run around like this, in heels and skirt. Also it reminds me I need more color in my wardrobe. That cozy knit, yes please. 

Pink and gold, a match made in heaven. Skip your safe card nude and go for a more pink-ish one next time you're about to do your nails. At least I will. 

This Medinilla flower, from Lotta Folkesson's Instagram (lifestylebyl). 

Watercolor 'Rosen' by Joseph Beuys. Art speaks for itself.

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