Wishing for

Christmas carols and ginger bread baking by all means, but let's face it – now is one of the most hectic seasons of the year. Presents to be wrapped (but first of all figured out and then bought!), numerous courses to be cooked and a tree to be trimmed. Cozy easily turns into chaos. Earlier this year the plan was to escape from all stress and snow, but somehow it ran out in the sand.

Now we can't deny it. We're still stuck in snowy Sweden and Christmas is getting upon us. It feels fine, but if the hurry hits me I'll dream myself away somewhere warm...

Due to this long time darkness I can feel my D-vitamin level is running low. I need gazing sun, hot sand between my toes and a drink placed in my hand.  –  When I get tired of listening to the waves hitting the shore I plug these mint beauties in and hum along to some chill tunes.  –  After a dip in the blue I'd like to wrap myself up in this chic towel from Totême.  –  As the sun dries my sun kissed skin I let the French femmes reveal their best Paris addresses and style secrets, how to make your boyfriend jealous and so much more.  –  Of course I protect my eyes in style, preferably with a tortoise pair from Bottega Veneta.  –  To make sure I don't forget about my paradise stay I wish this camera to follow and immortalize all my moments, from palm trees to sunsets.

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