Queen of Greens

It all started with this photo I posted on Instagram (@saemlstaint) a couple of weeks ago and when I heard my sister was coming by I thought this is the perfect time to both surprise her and try it out – to make healthy crisps!

We all know those two words seldom work very well together, right?

Well, in this case it's almost better to eat much than less cause these green leaves are smacked with some real super stuff. I'm telling you, it's not for nothing its been named "the queen of greens"...

Here's why you should try it:

Gives a strong immune system (vitamin C and powerful antioxidants), keeps your bones strong (calcium), has more iron than beef(!) per calorie, boosts your IQ level (folate), maintains good eyesight (vitamin A) and detoxes and cleanse your liver (fiber and sulfur).

So, what could possibly be a better Saturday snack than this? 

Kale crisps

1/2 bunch of fresh kale leaves
extra virgin olive oil 
sea salt and/or spices of your own choice
baking sheet 

Remember to always use organic ingredients!
You get better taste, a healthier you and a happier planet.
Always act with Love.


Preheat the oven to 150˚C/300F.

Tear the leaves up roughly.
The stem can be saved and used in a smoothie etc.

Carefully wash the leaves under running water and then spin them until they are thoroughly dry.
It's very important you stick to this cause otherwise there's a risk they become soggy and we surely don't want that, right?

When they are all dried and ready it's time to add the olive oil.
Careful as I am, I rubbed each and every piece in by using my fingers.
Don't drench them, just a fine coat is good enough.
As you go along, one by one, you place them out on the baking sheet.
Make sure to not overcrowd. One single layer is the way to succeed.

Finally sprinkle the kale with your desired seasoning before you put them to bake.
To make sure not to burn them, I suggest you place them in the lower part of the oven.

I baked mine for 6 minutes, but next time I'll bake them for a few less.
Just watch them. You'll see when they curl up and get a nice colour.

Before digging in, let the kale cool on the sheet for about 3 minutes.
This little trick will crisp them up even more!

Bon appétit!

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