Flea finds

I've never been much into blue, especially not when it comes to interior. My mum is the same (and perhaps also the one to blame for this). I still remember her wondering how people could bring it into their homes. Such a cold color!, she always said (and still does…). And as a child we all know how it goes. It stuck in me, this hate of the blue hue.

Mums might know what's best (at least at that age), but as time flies we also tend to change with it. Tomorrow is always a new chapter. All of a sudden a loathe can turn into love which is exactly what happened to me the other weekend. Just like that I fell for the (forbidden) aforementioned... But don't worry, Mum! My walls will remain white (I'm not head over heels), but when these old blue/white china plates from Rörstrand caught my eye I just had to give in.

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