Power pendant

Seven stones, one for each chakra.
Crown: Rock crystal, Third Eye: Lapis lazuli, Throat: Aquamarine, Heart: Aventurine, Solar plexus: Citrine, Sacral: Carneol and Base: Garnet.

I've been drooling over this chakra pendant over a year (maybe even two?), but never got to the point ordering it. So typically me.. And so on Xmas eve, when almost all present were unwrapped, there was this huge(!) box left to be opened. Imagine my happiness when I realized that it was this little beauty that had been hiding in there. Since then it's been hanging around my neck. We've been inseparable. Can't. Be. Without. It. Feeling it towards my skin reminds me of all the invisible and amazing powers that constantly surrounding us, which in turn, helps me keep focused and stay strong. Thanks again, mum and dad! xx

Are your chakras in balance? Learn more over here!

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