These two will join me at tonight's session.
Quartz crystal cluster // Vintage  --  Nefertiti necklace // bought in Egypt

A few weeks ago my yoga teacher told me about this woman who is sending out cosmic/angelic reiki healing in universe once a week, every Sunday between 20.30 - 20.45.

"How exciting! But... How? And on distance?"

As the spiritual person I am, I so had to try this out. Days passed by and Sunday was finally here. Melancholy and grey, but though this I felt excited. Tonight I would hopefully find out if this was really working. 

The clock turned 18.15 and just like every other Sunday I attended my yoga class. Sat Nam. Back home again, still peaceful and relaxed after the class, I lit my aroma lamp. A few minutes before the set time, I sat down, completely unaware of what awaited. I closed my eyes and took some deep breathes. Focus... And suddenly, just like that, my heart started to rush. Fast and powerful. Do-dong, do-dong, do-dong... After maybe a minute, it slowed down again. Now a stream of warmth went through my body. My cheeks heated. I couldn't help but feeling slightly scared.

"What is really happening in my body?!" 

And it didn't stop there. Now my eyes and the whole area around them began to twitch, totally uncontrollable. I kept my focus, somehow I felt safer and let it all happen. This was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Slowly the twitching eases and the alarm rings. The session had come to its end. Astonished and amazed I go to bed with only one thing in mind. Universe is amazing.

This high-vibrating healing method is open for anyone, anywhere and it's all for free. All you have to do is sit down and relax for 10 minutes before it starts and then stay as long as you feel the energies are working. For you who understand Swedish, read more about this healing method here.

I'm telling you, the energies I felt through my body really convinced me there are some great powers out there. You should join! How about we share our experiences here afterwards? I'm so curious to hear!

Tonight, and every Sunday, between 20.30 and 20.45. Don't miss!

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