Wanna know a secret? I never owned a pair of Converse. Ever! Those classic saviour soles. A basic must. But no. But WHY you ask. I freaked out. I was so close, but those Chucks were planning a party at the back of my feet. A feast with flesh-y end... I couldn't let them so I put the sanctimonious monsters back. Some things are just not meant to be, I sadly madly thought while leaving the shop.

And so the other night, X number of sneaker-less months later, I sit in bed flipping ELLE pages and BAAAM! I see Them. A pair of crispy white sneakers from a brand I never heard of before. Eytys. I Google (like always) and surprisingly they turn out to be Swedish(!). Established in September 2012. I want them even more. The simplicity combined with that slightly too high sole... Just like I said - classic with a twist. That's how I like it. 

Eytys, a new classic? By all means for me, but what is a classic? Really? And what does it takes to achieve that SEAL?

I keep on reading. What tha... Ok, here we go again. If it's not bloody feasts it certainly has to be bloody big waves. Shit ahoy!

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