// Sunnies - Prada // The rest - 2nd hand //

Melody of the moment: Tick tick tick. Where? At my summer checklist, lo and behold! Fleas, markets, hot tub partying, night swims and only God knows the rest... Miss Planner is head over heels happy. OH, wait! There we have it! The reason to why I haven't been walking on high inches lately, like every other day of the year? Head forgot about them? Stupidly (read over-tiredly) far-fetched, you tell me, but I might have a point. Or if you prefer to skip the director's cut (too deep and over analytic, I warn you) - let's say I've just been lazy? We all have our moments, don't we? Well, someone (boring) would call it wise. When for efficiency and speed, stability is a need. I surrender. But I frankly miss being high. Some inches closer to sky... Is that you Sandman? Now let's cut the no(n) sense. Over and out, at least for tonight. xxx

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