After some research I finally found The One. Couldn't be purer, really! Only five ingredients. No junk just 100% natural stuff. Gotta love that! Though you really have to pay for it.. 50 ml for 349 SEK (!!). It'll be interesting to see how long it will last. I'm counting.

My advice is to prepare your skin the night before sun exposure by doing an exfoliation. I make my own scrub which works perfectly fine. Then make sure to be very well moisturized before you apply the sun oil. You don't want to absorb more than needed of these expensive drops..

The first thing I noticed when spraying it on was the scent. It's like you just sliced up a pure little peach. So fresh and wonderful! Then the feel of the oil is pretty thick, but after some using I find this kinda good cause I believe that what makes it stay on so well. Sweat, wind, turn overs and it's still there after several hours.

I happen to believe the tan becomes much nicer and deeper when using oil? Fair skined me fantasizes it's also tan accelerating... But remember - Sun can be dangerous so always make sure to use a high spf. You don't want to turn into a lobster nor a elephant, right?

What's your thoughts about sunscreens? What do you use?

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