Beauty isn't just a look or something visually attractive. It's something much more deeper, found within all living things. To bring it up the surface you just need to use the right techniques and sensible behaviors. 

Think of yourself as a house. You don't build it on sand. That would make it fall apart. A house needs a solid ground to last, stay and hold together. It's exactly the same with you. Body, mind and soul - they all need to be in balance. That's when true beauty appears - that glow and those sparkling eyes no creams nor treatments ever gonna bring you. All these products are, to me, only a finishing touch. The last thing you apply at the very last layer of yourself. 

These are a few of my tricks to shine bright like a diamond!


This is, at least if you ask me, one of the most important parts when it comes to taking good care of your body (and mind, of course!). If you put soda in a car, the engine will crash. It's the same with our bodies. To work the best, we need the best. You are what you eat. Either you choose health or you choose disease. It's all up to you!

I suggest...

You should only eat fresh, organic food free from additives and other hocus-pocus.

To always check the content list. If any ingredient is hard to pronounce you better stay away from it. Neurotoxins, jet fuel and beetles don't sound that delicious, right?

Ever heard of the Blood type diet? It works wonders, at least for me. Since I started this diet I feel much healthier and happier than ever before! And NO, this has nothing to do with weight if some of you might wonder. I just want to give my body the most optimal of nutrition because I want to feel good! Your body is your temple. Always treat it with love and respect.


Personally I practice Kundalini yoga (mental and spiritual focus) and I must say this has really improved my inner being. I feel much more peaceful, conscious and happy with life. It all starts from within. It's all connected - body, mind and soul. If you haven't tried yoga before I really recommend you to. It's heavenly!


The easiest (and totally free) trick to get in a good mood? Smile! Always. In good times and in bad. It realeases endorphins, clear away dirty energy and boosts the immune system. And, guess what? It's proven to be contagious. Try and you'll see for yourself. Smile and the world will smile with you!

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