Bottoms up! It's not for nothing this advice is constantly stated by everyone and everywhere. Though I have to admit I'm really bad at it myself...

And when it comes to cleansing you come a long way by using only water, no? Ok. Now I actually HOPE there are someone out there loudly shouting "NOOOO!!!" cause I'm so so curious to hear some reviews on this (tricky?) "No-water-on-your-face"-method. Please share your experiences! Haven't got the clue what I'm talking about? Read more here and here.

Though I believe you definitely should have some sort of facial cleanser. Milk, toner, gel, mousse... It really is a jungle, but choose what suits you best. At the moment I'm using... 

Estelle & Thild Cleansing Milk Rose Otto
No signs of wrinkles yet, but I believe why not start to prevent them in time? Not the purpose when I bought it. I just needed a cleanser and something to remove my makeup with (which this one also does!). 2 in 1, ka-ching! I really like it! It's very gentle and makes your skin so smooth and moisturized. I happen to see my pores have become smaller and my skin tone clearer. Remember to always finish off with a splash of cold water to close your pores. 

Improves your circulation and blood flow, releases stress, cleansing your pores from the inside and out, ... and the benefits go on. Doctors agree - sauna is one of the best ways to detoxify our bodies! Sweat baby, sweat...

Avène Thermal Spring Water
Perfect if you, like me, spend too many hours in front of the computer. This one is smacked with good minerals which are also said to cool and heal if you happen to have sensitive skin. Works great all over your body and to set your makeup.

Sesame oil 
Moisturizing, firming, purifying... I could go on forever! To put it short? Drops of miraculous gold! Google it and you will run to closest health shop/supermarket to buy it. And yes, the ones you find at the grocery store works great (and is cheaper?)! Just make sure it is cold pressed and organic. Your skin will become smoother than silk! 

One thing I guess many of us tend to forget is that our skin also needs some time off a little now and then. By always putting on different products, natural or not, your skin can actually forget how to take care of itself. This shown as dryness, blemishes etc. Looking at my own sensitive skin I clearly see a connection between dot invasion and amount of makeup use (and skipping the important wash off...). A beauty/makeup free week (especially combined with sauna and exfoliation) is a great way to get your skin back on track!

Take care, Beautiful! xx


  1. OK... so I would say that you first add the water for cleansing and then put on some sort of face tratement, like a noght cream or day cream.... THis i at least what I am doing at it works just fine. I only use makeup remover cream thingy when I really are using A Lot of makeup. NOT everyday use. Best hugs and wishes your BFF Ninis <3<3<3<3

  2. haha lol! I was drunk emmsi! Sry


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