Three favourites I always use when doing my makeup.

This one I seriously can't live without. It easily takes control over my unruly lashes and gives them a perfect natural curl. Glamour-eyes! I'm amazed over how it manages to capture even the smallest hard to reach ones!  But, I have to admit my curiosity - I can't really stop thinking of its rival, Shu Uemura, which I had planned to buy at first. Unfortunately, it was impossible to find here in Sweden...  Anyone who has tried both? Which one do you prefer? 

Oh, I can't remember how many different mascaras I've tried over the years. As the perfectionist I am I never really felt I ever found the right one. Until I tried Shocking. It's (almost) perfect. It really gives you those thick sexy long lashes I like. Black, really black.. I promise, other mascaras will appear brown when held next to it! When applied right it definitely lives up to its name! Wa wa woom!

If you know me, I like things natural and free from all kinds of harmful hocus pocus crap. This powder lives up to my standards (I think?). I use it everyday. No foundation is actually needed! In an instant it gives you a medium coverage with a matte natural long lasting finish + it's got SPF15. It allows the skin to breathe and are therefore ideal if you have stressed skin or tend to get blemishes. Some even says minerals can have a healing effect and to be honest, thinking of it, I must say my skin has improved since I started to use this one. Best thing - it lasts forever!

What are your musts? I would love to hear about them! xx

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