Not only has It boosted my mood and mind, but now It has started to affect what clothes I pick when getting dressed. This It-thing? The light of course! Pale fresh colours are all I can think of at the moment. Well, at least today.. Or maybe it's just me and my silly mind having this weird little fantasy we accelerating the season switcher, gear up a little quicker, by dressing likewise. Anyway, we're going in the right direction, dudes! 

And then it was Friday. Again. How I'm spending my evening (and night if I know myself correct...)? In good company with Mr Mac. I'm telling you - we have some great things up our sleeve. Can't wait to show you later on... I'm so excited!

So, what about you then? Any nice plans for the weekend?

// Jeans - Filippa K // Heels - bought on Tenerife // The rest - 2nd hand //

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