Bristle hair brush 
I'm no proud owner of the Rolls Royce of brushes (read Mason Pearson). Yet. Never tried one, but I'm thinking bristle as bristle, or? Well, a Rolls or not - just make sure it's bristle as it's very gentle, anti-static and gives your hair a nice gloss. A little tips? Regularly wash your brush with shampoo and hot water. That will keep your hair fresh for longer. (Don't do this to Mr Pearson! He needs special treatment. Check your manual.).

No Sulfates
Sulfates is a strong detergent used as a base (foaming agent) in most schampoos (and other cleansing products). It easily takes away old styling products (which is good), but the side effects are really bad... In long term it actually dries your hair from inside and out. Your scalp responds by producing more sebum as a following of the dryness, you don't want greasy hair so you wash it again, it get worse... See the bad circle this mean sulfate creates? I recently bought these two (sulfate free of course!)...

Estelle & Thild Bergamot Shampoo & Balsam
So far I really love them! My hair gets so crazily soft, shiny and easy to handle and stays fresh for way much longer than when I'm using a "normal" schampoo. The quality of my hair has become totally different since I started to use these two. Stronger and somehow it feels quite thicker than before. Unfortunately it's not so liberal. You need a slightly bigger amount than you're used to, but the pros are so many and so good that I don't care about this little thing! A good tips? Always finish off with cold water. That will make your hair shiny and also prevent split ends.

Dry schampoo 
A real time savior when your hair needs a little fresh up. Just bought this...

Kisby Dry Shampoo Powder
Actually I was looking for Kloraine, but couldn't find it so this will do until then. Good thing is it's 99,7% natural stuff in it, which I like (of course). This is the powder variant so the application can be a bit tricky until you get used to it. The result is good and the hair stays fresh all day. A big plus is that I don't find the hair becoming white and dusty as many other dry shampoos can cause. Just make sure to massage it in very well, comb your hair and you're ready to go! 

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