// Jeans - Filippa K // The rest - 2nd hand/inherited //

IF IT AIN'T snowing it's freezing. Guess it needs to be done. Sorry my absence, if you happened to miss me? I think I've taken dedication to a whole new level (second sorry for not referring to blog updates here...). This week I got totally lost in refurnishing my home. Total makeover, really. Creative flow is such an amazing state of mind. It mesmerizes me, can't stop. Love creating things out of nothing, taking some hidden forgotten stuff you already have and bring its beauty back. Remember, everything is relative. You can call me Match maker. All participating components are still dating. I'm pleased. Limitations are many times the key to creativity. Go seize every moment.

Oh, and back on track. Found these old lovers in the basement, thought I should give the high waist style a try, and I must say I kind of like them (again)! Filippa K make great jeans, btw. Simple and well fitting.

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  1. SV:
    Oh, no worries :)
    Thank you so much! Mostly I live in Rio, Brazil, but I'm in Norway for about a month.

    - Sjefen



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