// Jacket - HM (old collection) // The rest - 2nd hand //

WITH OPEN ARMS (well, jacket...)* I welcome you, dear Mr. Sun! Not a day too early. As the pictures can tell the light has been amazing here today. It's really getting lighter and I feel SO happy about it, weather person as I am. Finally we've started to see where we walk and with who we talk. That darkness does nothing but awaking those demons. Go and die cuz here comes the sun!!

* Nope, I didn't freeze. The happiness conquered + that black one is waaarm.
** Wonder about the plural? Ok. I guess you clever have figured out following:
#1 - sun power! AND #2 - my wardrobe is seriously gaining... Returned home with a HUGE bag crammed with clothes. Wherefrom? Heey! Stupid question. You know me, I hope. Ka-ching! 

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