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LET'S CONTINUE with those double meaning (can't find the right word?) headlines:

*Yep. It was colder than I first thought. I'm being a little bit too optimistic for my own good. Sun doesn't (yet) equals warmth. Definitely not at this place... BUT I'm telling you, and here comes the second meaning: 

**My weapon against Jack Frost, cause you need to be well-equipped when he bites, lies in the small invisibly hidden pieces. In this case as seen above, my artillery consists of following: 

- cashmere under that black knit (it really IS warm and cozy, no bullshit)
- long-johns (can tell I was making pirouettes while taking the next layer on...)
- wool soles tucked down in those stilettos (cause numbness is never nice)

So, white jeans in the winter? Personally, I think it's a basic colour, just like good ol' black, but it use to awake reactions (or dilemmas at least), right? Where did this phenomena, never ever gonna call it a rule (or maybe cause that makes me wanna break it even more), even start? Or WHY, might be the most interesting question to ask. I'm curious. Hit me with your thoughts! 

Oh, and about the whole toolbox survival kit kind of thing. Life's too short hiding in Antarctic ready bulks as soon as the temperature precedes by a minus sign. So to you that don't get the stiletto + snow equation; Let me, pleeease! I really rather freeze and sneeze. Those hem and haws... Oh, just screw the Jante laws! Let's shiver and deliver! 

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